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Friday, January 31 2014
Boat Rental Englewood FL
When going on a coastal vacation in Southwest Florida, one of the first things a person that loves boating might look for is a boat rental in Englewood FL.  If you are staying in Punta Gorda, North Port, or Port Charlotte and you want to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful beaches, Gasparilla Island boat rentals near Boca Grande Florida have many advantages to consider. 
Depending on what your boating needs are, our Carolina Skiffs are extremely popular, mostly because of their design.  They are made for inshore fishing.  They move through shallow waters easily which is perfect for mangrove and shallow water or flats fishing.  Snook, Redfish and Tarpon are among  the local favorites and are "sometimes" easy catches.  On the other hand, A deep V Hull boat, while suitable for offshore fishing (great to catch Groupers & Snappers) might not be the boat rental near Englewood Florida you need.  If you like to pull up on beaches, and many are shallow here, a flat bottom skiff is definitely the way to go.  Another consideration for beach enthusiasts is that it is much easier to get on and off a flat bottom skiff.  This might be important if you have elderly people on your boat trip.  A deep V Hull rental boat is not really suitable in this case.
By far though, our most popular Boat Rental are our double decker pontoon boats for many reasons.  One, they have a bathroom....which is an amenity not usually found in a boat rental in Englewood FL!  One usually has to rent a yacht to have this amenity!  The second reason people love this boat rental is because it can be getting caught in a sudden rain storm (common in Florida!) is no big deal!  Third, this rental boat in Englewood FL has an entire upper level devoted to sunbathing and sightseeing!  There is no better way to see and experience Southwest Florida, short of owning your own yacht.  Other features on our double decker pontoon boats include small kitchen areas, comfortable seating for up to 12,  sound systems with Sirius Satellite radio,  plus these boats can be pulled up directly on the beach!  No need to get wet at all....unless you want to. 
The final thing to consider for a great boating vacation is of course LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!  Here, on Manasota Key & Englewood Florida, you do not have far to go to experience clean, clear Gulf waters along with gorgeous teal green mangroves to explore.  If you are too close to Charlotte Harbor or Fort Myers, because of the river run offs from these areas, the water might not be to your liking.  Manasota Key has the best, most unspoiled beaches in the area so a boat rental in Englewood Florida is in the best location for clear blue-green, swimmable waters. 
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